Just Love Coffee

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Paradym Design
2934 Sidco Drive, Suite 110,

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Client Profile

At Just Love Coffee it’s more than just a coffee company. They combine their mission to be a catalyst for love with a dedication to producing the finest coffees and food offerings through their franchises. They love the big wide world we live in and make helping its people a core aim of our business.

The waft of excellent hand-roasted coffee is surely one of the world’s greatest aromas, but to them, it represents more than just a job well done. It’s an opportunity to change the world we live in; to put people before profit; to give back to the community. Just Love Coffee Roasters has been a finalist in the prestigious Roaster of the Year in 2014 and 2015. The business has grown since its inception seven years ago. Our franchises now offer great food to match our coffee.

Project Overview

Just Love Coffee awarded the construction to South Coast Contracting Group. This project was another tenant build out that was successfully completed for our group. The scope of project was converting the black box into a fully functional coffee shop. This conversion started after the concrete was poured and included building the walls, floors, new mechanical, electrical and pluming with an extensive millwork package.